About Restore-A-Deck

Restore-A-Deck evolved out of the many frustrations and misinformation that Jim Johnson faced when he was “redoing” the many decks on a home he was renovating in Buderim. Jim’s decks were typical of the many decks he has since inspected and worked on. Most decks were peeling, greying and had exposed nail heads and too many other issues to list.

Jim visited many of the stores selling a multitude of decking finishes only to become confused and disillusioned with the wide range of professional advice and contradictions. It seemed that there were so many opinions as to what was the best, the longest lasting, the best appearance, the easiest to apply and the personal bias of the salesperson that he would leave the store more confused.

Finally Jim proceeded with what was to be the” king of decking” products only to find that within six months it had begun too fail and a lot of hard work was about too begin all over.

Jim decided that on his next deck he would just research the many products and not seek any more “professional advice”. Jim found a product being sold in most of the stores but it wasn’t one that was being recommended. To Jim it seemed like it might be the only one that could work on the next deck that he was doing. When it did work Jim wondered if many other deck owners along the Sunshine Coast were experiencing the same issues and misinformation.

Jim spent the next twelve months extensively researching the many facets of timber weathering, coatings and the restoration of timber.

Jim sought professional advice on the setting up of a small business and launched his Buderim based business in February 2006. The response to the Restore-A-Deck advertisements and the several home shows he attended has been very well received. Jim’s initial question as to how many people were experiencing the same problems he had was confirmed. The answer was MANY!

If any of this sounds familiar and you would like Jim to inspect and offer a sincere and true assessment of how he can help you restore your deck to its former glory please contact us for a totally obligation free quote.


Take a look at the history of Restore-A-Deck in pictures. Over 200 decks later we are still going strong.