Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products that are used readily available ?

YES! All of the products that Restore-A-Deck uses are easily found on the shelves of most leading paint and hardware stores along the Sunshine Coast.

Once my decks have been brought back to life and recoated will there be any further maintenance required?

YES! All decking products will over time need some recoating preventative maintenance. How often depends upon many variables but in general most decks are lasting well past 18 months before recoating.

Are the products used harmful to the family, pets or plants?<

No! The two cleaning solutions and the acrylic wood colouring cause no concerns to people or the environment. Restore-A-Deck has worked on several homes with chemical intolerant inhabitants with no distressing outcomes. The clients have commented about the lack of unpleasant smells.

Will the original cleaning back to bare timber that Restore-A-Deck did need to be repeated?

NO! In most cases the deck will just need to have the surface dirt removed by the homeowner with a garden hose and perhaps a gentle scrub. Restore-A-Deck will show the homeowner how they can recoat themselves or you can have Restore-A-Deck recoat as directed.

How long will my deck be out of service?

Throughout the cleaning stage the deck can still be used by the family for trafficking. The only time it is "out of action" is during the recoating phase. This can generally be completed in 2-3 days. As the product touch dries in 20 minutes it can be lightly walked on in several hours and is quite sound for normal use generally the next day after the final coat has dried.


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