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The relaxed and casual lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast has seen an explosion of new homes and renovations seeking to blend the inside with outside in a seamless connection. This is most often accomplished with the building of a timber deck. Depending on the amount of overhead cover, the exposed timber can be subjected to many detrimental aspects. These can include heavy foot traffic, pets, mud, skateboards and gatherings. But by far the greatest challenge that decks face is from the weather.

The forces of weathering can be devastating to wood. Moisture from rain and dew are quickly absorbed by unprotected wood causing it to swell while washing out the natural wood resins and colouring. The heat from the sun dries and shrinks the wood. These daily cycles of wet and dry swelling causes the wood to warp, splinter, cup, crack and become discoloured.

The ultra violet radiation from the sun is the main cause of the silver-gray colour that unprotected wood exhibits over time.

All of these factors and many more contribute to the challenges of trying to keep a beautiful timber deck looking its best and yet not spending every several months having to “redo the deck.”

This is where Restore-A-Deck can help. Restore -A-Deck has brought back to life many tired and sad decks from Noosa to Caloundra with many happy and satisfied deck owners.

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