How We Sand and Restore Your Deck

The first step in the process is to have Jim from Restore-A-Deck visit your deck for a totally obligation free assessment and if you would like, a written quote.

Although all decks are made from timber that is often where the similarities end. There are many different species of wood, softwood or hardwood, totally or partially exposed with a multitude of products that are either in the process of giving up, fading or that have already given up and disappeared. There are many issues that can make recoating difficult or easy and to try and list all of the variables would be too difficult. Each deck has its own idiosyncrasies and has to be assessed on its own personality.

The one factor that runs true for all decks regardless of other issues is that before recoating, it must be returned back to new and clean timber. To achieve this, Jim sands all the timber that needs to be coasted. Anything less than sanding will result in a poor outcome.

On many decks this can be achieved with a sequence of scrubbing with a specialised scrubbing machine and high-pressure cleaning along with specialised cleaning agents. Other decks can only be cleaned back to bare good wood with sanding. There are many factors that need to be considered but Restore-A-Deck has pursued and developed many methods to achieve this result.

Jim has helped many home owners bring back their decks to a pleasing and protected finish and willingly shows the homeowner the various steps and techniques in coating. He is using a water based 100% acrylic wood finish which he believes offers the longest lasting finish on the market with an extremely user friendly application process. He encourages the homeowner that they can easily do the recoating when it is time. The product that he is using is readily available in most of the leading hardware and paint stores along the coast. For those that don’t want to do the recoating Jim will happily recoat when the homeowner feels it is time.

Jim takes great pride in his pursuit of timber deck restoration and understands the concepts of sincere commitment to the home owner. Jim works by himself and only works on one deck at a time. He understands the disruption that clearing a deck off can cause a family and strives to complete the job with minimal inconvience. If you would like to discuss your deck restoration please contact him through the many options on the contact page.

He looks forward to hearing from you!


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